New Bluepoint Lighting Revolutionizes Workplace Safety

Landoll Lift TrucksAt Voss Equipment, our Yale forklifts are some of the best in the business. What if we told you they got even better? New Bluepoint LED lights are the most recent innovation in safety lighting and technology. They reduce the risk of accidents with forklifts or other machinery. Here’s a closer look in to how they work…

Using a concentrated light beam, the Bluepoint Light displays a large dot on the floor in front and/or behind your moving machinery. In this way, you can visually alert people that a machine is coming around the corner. The Bluepoint Light is especially ideal in a noisy industrial setting where sirens on your forklift might not be able to alert fellow workers.

The Bluepoint Light is engineered with fully-cast aluminum housing for maximum durability. Other types of safety lighting use plastic lighting with a weaker and smaller beam pattern. The Bluepoint beam pattern is larger, and the light bean has a higher lumen output, increasing its visibility.

A safer workplace means happier workers and better business. Updating your Yale forklifts with Bluepoint Lighting leads to increased safety and higher productivity. Call Voss Equipment today to learn more about the safety features and machinery we offer!

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