Interested in Becoming a Forklift Operator? Here’s How You Can.

Are you interested in gaining a valuable new skill that will help you advance in your career? If so, consider getting trained to operate a powered industrial truck, or forklift. Forklifts are heavy-duty equipment used to raise and lower supplies, materials, and large crates or pallets. Learning how to drive a forklift properly will not only open the door to better job opportunities, it will also help improve your safety and the safety of others in your workplace. Voss Equipment, your leading supplier of forklift equipment wants you to be fully prepared when you begin your forklift training. Some things to keep in mind include:

  • You Must Be Over 18: If you’re under 18, you can’t legally operate a forklift.
  • You Can Be Trained by Your Employer: If you don’t have the money to take certification courses, rest easy – your employer can train you on the job for free, with lectures and practical driving experience.
  • You Can Take an OSHA-Approved Course: You can take a course on forklift driving to earn a certification – just make sure that your course is OSHA-approved, and taught by qualified instructors.
  • Evaluation is Every 3 Years: All forklift drivers have to be evaluated at least once every three years by law, or when equipment and workplace conditions change. You can be trained and evaluated by your employer, with no need to take outside classes.

If you are an employer looking to update your workplace with the newest, highest quality forklifts, Voss Equipment carries the forklift equipment you need. Contact us today or browse our wide inventory to learn more!

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