How to Help Your Industrial Equipment Withstand the Cold

Winter is the time of year when many things stop working, especially with the sudden record low temperatures affecting many parts of the country. We all hear stories of how doors freeze shut, cars won’t start and batteries have to be jumped, but what about industrial vehicles?

Industrial equipment is designed to be tough, but cold winter weather is still hard on any type of machinery. Your dedicated specialists at Voss Equipment want to ensure that your industrial vehicles run perfectly, even in those frigid -10° temps. In extremely cold weather, make sure you:

  • Get Proper Maintenance Done: If you haven’t done so already, get the coolant system checked and grease the joints of your vehicle. Make sure you change the oil before your put your equipment in storage to avoid sulfuric acid buildup and damage.
  • Store Inside: If you have a heated shed or warehouse to use, store your equipment inside when it’s not in operation.
  • Keep the Battery Warm: Keep the battery warm or remove it if absolutely necessary to protect it from the cold. This will minimize the amount of time it takes your engine to fire up, and will allow you to get more work done.
  • Prevent Fuel from Gelling: Use a diesel fuel additive to keep your fuel flowing in even the coldest temps, and prevent stalling and slow starts.

Your knowledgeable experts at Voss Equipment carry a wide array of lift trucks, railcar movers, and other industrial vehicles designed to perform in extreme temperatures. Contact us today and tell us how we can help your business meet its objectives in this Polar Vortex weather.

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