It May be Time to Upgrade that Maintenance Plan

Are Your Satisfied with your Forklift Periodic Maintenance Plan?

VossEffective Periodic Maintenance Plans Reduces Emergency Breakdowns
Discounted Labor Rates and Reduced Travel Charges
Available for gas, propane, diesel and electric powered equipment

Voss 2Not just an oil and filter change, 4 comprehensive levels of PM service
Flexible plans based on time interval or equipment operating hours
Factory Trained Technicians


2Powered by a GM 4.3L V6 propane engine or Kubota 3.0L diesel engine. Transmission options include Auto Deceleration and Controlled Ramp Descent. Continuous Stability Enhancement system enhances lateral stability on uneven surfaces.

Optional Accutouch hydraulic mini levers offer considerably less effort than common hydraulic levers. Excellent operator visibility is afforded through the Yale Hi Vis mast. Standard Oil Cooled Wet Disc Brakes lower operating costs and are ideal for tough environments.

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New Bluepoint Lighting Revolutionizes Workplace Safety

Landoll Lift TrucksAt Voss Equipment, our Yale forklifts are some of the best in the business. What if we told you they got even better? New Bluepoint LED lights are the most recent innovation in safety lighting and technology. They reduce the risk of accidents with forklifts or other machinery. Here’s a closer look in to how they work…

Using a concentrated light beam, the Bluepoint Light displays a large dot on the floor in front and/or behind your moving machinery. In this way, you can visually alert people that a machine is coming around the corner. The Bluepoint Light is especially ideal in a noisy industrial setting where sirens on your forklift might not be able to alert fellow workers.

The Bluepoint Light is engineered with fully-cast aluminum housing for maximum durability. Other types of safety lighting use plastic lighting with a weaker and smaller beam pattern. The Bluepoint beam pattern is larger, and the light bean has a higher lumen output, increasing its visibility.

A safer workplace means happier workers and better business. Updating your Yale forklifts with Bluepoint Lighting leads to increased safety and higher productivity. Call Voss Equipment today to learn more about the safety features and machinery we offer!

New Yale ESC-AD Electric 3-Wheel Stand-Up

14 battery compartment size options for increased maneuverability, operate in a 9 ½ foot aisle. Smart Ride Floor System reduces up to 65% of shocks and vibrations transmitted to the operator AC electric motor technology improves performance and reduces maintenance costs. On-demand hydrostatic steering and dual steer tires provide precise, reliable control designed for maximum performance.

New Clear View mast offerings provide up to 40% greater visibility window than the leading competitors. Upgraded multi-function control handle equipped with full proportional functionality for all handle functions resulting in improved operator confidence. Auto Deceleration System improves brake life. Yale iSi Technology control system offers full customization to allow user to properly match the truck’s performance with skill of the operator.

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Interested in Becoming a Forklift Operator? Here’s How You Can.

Are you interested in gaining a valuable new skill that will help you advance in your career? If so, consider getting trained to operate a powered industrial truck, or forklift. Forklifts are heavy-duty equipment used to raise and lower supplies, materials, and large crates or pallets. Learning how to drive a forklift properly will not only open the door to better job opportunities, it will also help improve your safety and the safety of others in your workplace. Voss Equipment, your leading supplier of forklift equipment wants you to be fully prepared when you begin your forklift training. Some things to keep in mind include:

  • You Must Be Over 18: If you’re under 18, you can’t legally operate a forklift.
  • You Can Be Trained by Your Employer: If you don’t have the money to take certification courses, rest easy – your employer can train you on the job for free, with lectures and practical driving experience.
  • You Can Take an OSHA-Approved Course: You can take a course on forklift driving to earn a certification – just make sure that your course is OSHA-approved, and taught by qualified instructors.
  • Evaluation is Every 3 Years: All forklift drivers have to be evaluated at least once every three years by law, or when equipment and workplace conditions change. You can be trained and evaluated by your employer, with no need to take outside classes.

If you are an employer looking to update your workplace with the newest, highest quality forklifts, Voss Equipment carries the forklift equipment you need. Contact us today or browse our wide inventory to learn more!

How to Help Your Industrial Equipment Withstand the Cold

Winter is the time of year when many things stop working, especially with the sudden record low temperatures affecting many parts of the country. We all hear stories of how doors freeze shut, cars won’t start and batteries have to be jumped, but what about industrial vehicles?

Industrial equipment is designed to be tough, but cold winter weather is still hard on any type of machinery. Your dedicated specialists at Voss Equipment want to ensure that your industrial vehicles run perfectly, even in those frigid -10° temps. In extremely cold weather, make sure you:

  • Get Proper Maintenance Done: If you haven’t done so already, get the coolant system checked and grease the joints of your vehicle. Make sure you change the oil before your put your equipment in storage to avoid sulfuric acid buildup and damage.
  • Store Inside: If you have a heated shed or warehouse to use, store your equipment inside when it’s not in operation.
  • Keep the Battery Warm: Keep the battery warm or remove it if absolutely necessary to protect it from the cold. This will minimize the amount of time it takes your engine to fire up, and will allow you to get more work done.
  • Prevent Fuel from Gelling: Use a diesel fuel additive to keep your fuel flowing in even the coldest temps, and prevent stalling and slow starts.

Your knowledgeable experts at Voss Equipment carry a wide array of lift trucks, railcar movers, and other industrial vehicles designed to perform in extreme temperatures. Contact us today and tell us how we can help your business meet its objectives in this Polar Vortex weather.

Should Your Business Rent or Buy a Forklift?

Yale Cushion TruckA forklift can be a beneficial investment or a costly expense, depending on the frequency of use and type of work your business needs done. When buying a forklift it’s important to consider whether your investment will pay off more over time than renting the necessary equipment for each job. Renting a forklift may seem convenient, but will it cost you in the long run? Your industrial equipment experts at Voss Equipment have compiled a list of tips that will help you make the best decision for your business. Before buying or renting a forklift, always consider:

  • Initial Cost: Forklifts are specialized equipment, so they can be expensive. A new forklift generally costs around $20,000, and higher-capacity forklifts can be up to $100,000. Many small businesses can’t afford the initial cost. Buying a used forklift can be a solution, but if you want the highest quality equipment, it might be better to rent.
  • Term of Use: If you only need a forklift for a short amount of time or a few projects, it doesn’t make much sense to buy one. If it’s an important component of your business, however, constant rentals may be more of a financial burden than buying.
  • Type of Work: If you need a forklift for heavy work, you’ll have to consider maintenance costs. Maintenance is an expense you’ll have to include in your budget if you opt to own a forklift. Rental companies pay for maintenance, so depending on your budget, it might be better to rent.

Buying a forklift is a big decision, but at Voss, we’re here to help you every step of the way! Contact us today to speak with our friendly, knowledgeable experts.

Important Tips to Know When Using a Forklift

Landoll Lift TrucksIf you want to operate a forklift, there are some important tips you should know first for safe and effective use. Forklifts are extremely useful for moving heavy loads and saving work, but if they’re not operated correctly, they can be dangerous. At Voss Equipment, our number one priority is making sure our equipment is safe and effective. Some tips you need to know when operating lift trucks include:

  • Proper Training and License Get licensed! Proper knowledge of forklifts will prevent accidents and injuries.
  • Prepare! When you approach a load, make sure the forks are set at the right height and direction control is neutral. Position the forklift directly in front of a load, around 8-12 inches away.
  • Stop! When you raise or lower the forks to pick up or set down a load, make sure the forklift is stopped and the brake is set.
  • Center the load. You can adjust the forks to correct a load that’s off-center. If you have a load that’s off-center, put the heaviest part near the front wheels.
  • Look up! Make sure you have enough overhead clearance and that operating your forklift won’t interfere with pipes and sprinkler systems.
  • Drive and turn slowly. The load can tip or fall off during fast turns or at high speeds – take your time to ensure the safety of yourself and your cargo.
  • Don’t overload! This one is pretty obvious. If you overload your equipment, chances are it might not work as expected.
  • Avoid tilting the load. The only times when you should tilt a load forward are when you pick it up and set it down.

If you follow these simple tips, you’ll be able to drive and operate lift trucks safely! At Voss equipment, we only sell forklifts manufactured by the most trusted experts, such as Yale, Landoll, and Drexel.  Contact us today with any questions or to learn more about our premium selection of products!

Buying Used Industrial Vehicles

Desc2Buying all new industrial vehicles can be an extremely expensive process.  When you work with a company like Voss Equipment, we can offer you the cost-effective solution you are looking for.  You have the opportunity to purchase used industrial vehicles in Chicago from our equipment experts.

We ensure that each piece of equipment is in good working condition.  You can rest assured that when you buy our used industrial vehicles that they have been well-maintained and kept in good quality.  Buying used equipment can be just as safe as buying all new vehicles when you work with experts like Voss.

We offer a variety of used vehicles to suit your needs.  You don’t need to purchase brand new vehicles to get the job done.  Let our experts provide you with the safe, well-maintained industrial vehicles you require.

Tight Squeeze

Yale Cushion TruckIn order to maximize floor space many warehouses will create very narrow aisles, but how do warehouses reach items in storage once they’ve been crammed away in tight quarters? One simple solution Voss Equipment has come up with is narrow aisle lift trucks.

With these Yale lift trucks, narrow aisles in a warehouse are no longer a dilemma to people trying to reach items in storage. Instead of scaling the walls and climbing around the storage room like a jungle gym, employees can quickly and easily access items in storage to attend to their customers. The narrow aisle lift trucks make your stored items easy to reach and easy to deal with.

So if you want to maximize your storage floor space, consider acquiring some Yale lift trucks. That way, no one will get stuck in a tight squeeze trying to reach their stored items.